What is IoT?

In Simple words, IOT or Internet of Things is basically devices other than Computers and Mobile Phones to be connected to the Internet. Devices like Sensors, Electric Meters, household devices, etc being connected to the internet. The devices can stream data to a server on the Internet or to a controlling device through the internet.

What this means is that - your Air Conditioner can send you Fan Motor Current consumed data at regular intervals. Your centralized data processing sensor can then analyze this data inform you or the Air Con company that the Filter needs to be cleaned or changed.

#1. Car Wash Supplies

Equipment that has IOT based Sensors, can inform you about the status of supplies. The system can preempt you to make provisions for car wash supplies like Shampoos, Waxes, and Foam Boosters. This means you do not have to go daily and check how much of the consumables are left. Isn’t it fantastic?

#2 Equipment Status

Since the sensors are connected to the IoT-based controller, you can know the status of each and every sensor sitting at a remote location, you can know when your air pressure has dropped, your chemical levels have dropped, the machine has voltage fluctuations, etc. All this can be tracked while you are not even near the car wash equipment. In fact, you would know more about the machine at a remote location than any person would be able to know while he stands in front of the car wash equipment.

#3 Support

Given that your car wash machine reports the sensor status and performance statistics of your machine to you directly, the same can be shared with KKE for fault diagnosis. Infact KKE Factory can connect to your machine sitting in the opposite corner of the world and understand the fault based on the sensor data logging and current Output status. Wouldn’t it be better if the service person comes with the requisite part before he comes to the site?

#4 Multiple Locations

With Internet-connected machines, you can get the details on your machine working on your Mobile or remote office. Details like the Number of Car Washed, Car Wash Programs Operated, can be checked by you at any time.  Since you do not need to be present on Site always, you’ll have enough time to manage other businesses or start multiple car wash locations.

#5 Business Intelligence

With streaming of such large data, you get a lot of information which can be termed as Business Intelligence. For instance, you can have data of the vehicles washed in the same month last year. You can understand the patterns and make decisions accordingly. Decisions like opening and closing times can be analyzed. You might find that on average only 1 car comes in the morning hours. You might want to shift the working hours towards the evening when you experience higher traffic.

Internet-enabled machines literally change the dynamics of the vehicle wash industry. Instead of owning one car wash center, you can be an owner of an entire chain of car wash centers.

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