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Select the Right Car Wash Equipment Partner for your Car Wash Business

KKE has been in the Automatic Car Wash Equipment manufacturing since 1993. It has more than 29 years of experience of the car wash industry along with extensive research and development in the Car Wash Business. Anything new in the Industry, you bet, KKE shall be already having it in its product line.

In Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machines, the machines can be categorised as below :

Friction / Brush Systems

High-Pressure / Touchless Systems


Gantry Car Wash Equipment Prices in Canada

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Car Wash Equipment Selection Canada

If you are new to the car wash industry it would perplex you as which equipment is the right one for you. Car Wash Machine Selection is based on the following factors :

  • Expected / Existing Traffic
  • Types of Cars expected
  • Customers Likings (Friction / Touchless)
  • Type of Dirt on the Cars
  • Space available

These are some of the factors that would determine the type of equipment to be selected. We at KKE, help you, finalise on the Right Car Wash Equipment, pulling in data from our 25+ years of Global Data resources.

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Are Rollover Car Wash Equipment better or the Tunnel type Car Wash Equipment for Canada?

This depends upon the following :

  • Number of Cars you are washing/anticipate washing.
  • Space Availability

Tunnel Car Wash Equipment require a bigger space along with clear entry and exit. Space for Entry cars line up is also required as the number of cars depending upon the Tunnel Car Wash Equipment speed.


X2 - Automatic Car Wash Equipment

X2 is an Advanced Automatic Car Wash Machine with many advanced features in built into it. The system comes with 3 brushes with individual Brush Pressure Sensing. With the two Wheel Brushes fitted already, the system becomes a 5 Brush system. The Front Facia with LEDs helps in attracting the customers. The System can be upgraded with Lava Foam, Sealer Wax, Triple foam wax, Bug Spray, Mirror Spray System etc.

Type : Brush System

X1.1 Automatic Car Wash Machine

X1.1 is a first in the X Series Automatic Car Wash Machines. This is a Friction type system and comes with 3 Brushes, each sening the car individually. X1.1 Automatic Car Wash Machine has very attractive looks and helps customers come to your car wash time and again. X1.1 is payment Gateway ready and can be integrated directly. The system can be upgraded with Lava Foam, Wheel Wash System, Triple foam Wax, Contour Following Blowers etc.

Type : Brush System

KKE Wave - Touchless Car Wash

High Pressure Touchless Inbay Automatic System. It comes with onboard Advanced PLC system with multi-speed VFD for changing the Trolley speed as per the need of the Wash Cycle. The Equipment uses Ultrasound Sensors to sensor the vehicle parameters which are saved in the Controller Memory for precise movement of the equipment.

The Equipment has rotojet nozzles which spray 0 degree water jets for better cleaning.

KKE SpeedoClean : Automatic Car Wash Machine (Basic)

SpeedoClean is the latest Entry Level segment Automatic Car Wash Machine. The Car Wash Machine comes with 3 Brushes with Power sensing Roof Brush and Two Vertical Brushes. The basic systems comes with Prewash, Rinse, Soap and Brushing Cycles. The system comes with 3 Wash Programs which enables you to set different pricing levels based on the wash program.

Type : Brush System


Is Car Wash Business in Canada profitable?

As with any business, success depends upon various factors. If you have a location where you can get a decent number of cars to cover your expenses, it is profitable. Car Wash Business has high operating margins which can go as high as 80%. This high profit should be sufficient to cover your other expenses.

Contact us to understand more about the Profitability and Business Model. You can also use our ROI calculator to get instant Profitability Calculations.

How much area is required for setting up an Automatic Car Wash Business?

The Rollover or Trolley type Car Wash Equipment by KKE generally require spaces under 11m (36 feet) length x 5 m (16 feet) width. You would also require an area for :

  • Cars Waiting to be washed
  • Manual Pre Wash
  • Car Waiting after car wash
  • Interior Vacuum Station
  • Customer Lounge / Office
  • Equipment Room
  • Vehicle Movement

KKE provides free consultation for assisting your Architect for making the layout of your area.

Is Water Recycling System mandatory?

The water recycling system is not mandatory, however, having one does give you a lot of advantages on the Marketing side. Customers these days are very aware of water conservation. If you tell them you are recycling the water used in the car wash they would be very happy and would prefer your car wash over the others.

Also, it is always a good idea to reuse almost 90% of the water collected. Especially the Touchless Car Wash Machines which require a large amount of water.

Which other Businesses do you suggest with Automatic Car Wash Business?

Car Wash Business is a good crowd puller and can help in getting the initial walkins for your other Businesses. Some of the businesses which can be clubbed are :

  • Car Detailing and Body Polishing Services
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Tyre Store with Wheel Balancing and Alignment
  • Coffee Shop
  • Laundry Shop

The idea is to have a reason for customers to come repeatedly. If they come to give the Laundry, they might get the car washed, when coming to pick up Laundry they might get the car washed. This way both the businesses should help each other.

Which approvals are required to start a Car Wash Business?

These approvals change from place to place but generally, the following are required. Check with your Accountant / Business advisor if any more approvals are required.

  • Business Registration
  • Goods and Services Tax / Value Added Tax / Service Tax Registration
  • Layout / Plan Approval: You need to get approval from your local municipal body.
  • Pollution Control Board Certificate: They generally need how much water will be discharged. You can generally get an approval if you tell them that you would be ordering a Water Recycling System.

You would generally find Consultants who provide their professional services to get the approvals to start the business. We would suggest contacting your Accountant as they know the process and people.

At KKE, we provide support for the above and help you at each step. Feel free to contact us.

Do you Supply Car Wash Building?

Yes, we manufacture high quality relocatable sheds especially designed for Car Wash Machines. Please contact and our team would be happy to help you.

Can I get a loan for starting Car Wash Business?

Absolutely! Banks provide loans for starting the car wash business.

Contact your bank for more details. Each branch has a target for disbursing Loans and they are on a hunt for good businesses/people. We have a template for Bank Proposal / Project Report. Contact us for the same, we would be happy to help.

Also, you can consider various schemes of Startup India.

I am a new starter in the Car Wash Business. Which machine should I select?

You can select Speedoclean or X1.1 both are good machines for starting your new Car Wash Business. When you are uncertain about something, it is a golden rule to start modest and invest further when your business grows.

KKE Car Wash Equipment Models are built in a way where optional addons can be fitted later when you think that the time is right and your business can support the cost.

How is a Brush Equipment different than Touchless High-Pressure Car Wash Equipment?

In a Brush Machine, as the name suggests, there are 3 brushes which do the majority of the cleaning. 2 Vertical Brushes and 1 Horizontal Brush. in X Series Car Wash Equipment, Vertical brushes clean the front, sides and the Rear of the car. The horizontal brush cleans the front, roof and the rear portion of the car. Brushes use the soft bristles to remove the dirt from the car.

A Touchless system uses a combination of Chemicals and High-Pressure Water to clean the car. Since there is no physical touching by the machine, the Chemicals have to be strong while using a large amount of water to clean the vehicle. This type of equipment is generally suitable for the dusty environment.


Does the Car Wash Equipment clean 100% car?

No car wash in the world can clean the car 100%. In brush equipment, wherever the brushes don't touch, it does not clean. These areas would especially include the area below the number plate, Wheel arches, hidden/recessed spaces etc. Manual touch up of the car is required after the car wash if it is a full-service car wash.

Generally, a small high-pressure pump is used to pre-wash the vehicle when it comes for a car wash. This helps in removing the areas where the machine won't clean or the stains which machine would not be able to remove like, thick oil stains, Bird Droppings, Bugs (unless you add the Bug Spray in your configuration).

The main Unique Selling Proposition of your car wash business is that it gets the job done in a much lesser time as compared to Manual Car Wash. The Automatic Novelty lasts only for some period of time, then its always the service and cleaning.