Key Features

  • Heavy Structural Steel Base
  • Internet Enable Connection System
  • Openable Nozzle Locations For Easy Maintenance
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Structure




TW610 is a Tire Wash system to be installed in a portable configuration. The system can be removed and placed at another location without much losses in civil construction.  The system has water collection system to transfer the collected water to a nearby underground collection tank. Hot Dip galvanised Steel Ramps are required for vehicle entry and exit.

Entry and Exit ramps are made with heavy galvanised steel sections. The structure has a slope of 1:10. The Ramps are fastened in the concrete using Anchor bolts.

A Collection tank has been added to collect the water from the Tyre Wash Bay. The tank is made of steel and has a capacity of 1000 liters / 265 gallons(US). A submersible sludge pump is used to pump the water from this tank to the above ground tank.

This configuration has a single set of Bay which is 4 m long. Such a configuration is suitable for loose dirt. The trucks complete one full tyre rotation within the wheel wash system. We have seen our customers washing up to 30 trucks per hour in such Tyre wash configuration.8kl tank is preferred for heavier dirt like Iron Ore, Limestone etc, and truck traffic is less than 30 trucks per hour. Settling tanks are basically used for collection of water and allowing the dirt in the water to settle down. In the settling tank, slit is removed by Backhoe


Standard Features

  • Control System - Timer/Relay Based
  • System with On Delay activation
  • High Volume Discharge system
  • Above ground Pump - for easy maintenance
  • Rust protected Nozzles
  • Tire Tread Squeezing structure design
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Structure


Technical Data




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