Car Wash Water Recycling is a complex process and is different from other water filtration processes. People almost everytime fall for the cheaper water filtration processes which do not do the job well.

One of the main differences in Car Wash water recycling systems is the presence of oil in water. Each and every car has grease lining or oil leakage below the car. When you wash the Underchassis, this oil gets into the car wash waste water tank. Most equipment suppliers supply the water recycling system without providing the Oil separation system. The standard filtration systems may work fine for some time but after a while, the Filters will get clogged rendering the entire Water Recycling system to just a show piece.

How to remove Oil ?

The first and foremost step in Wash water - water recycling is Oil and Sludge removal. You can do it two ways


3 Tank Process


In a 3 tank process, water is passed through 3 concrete underground tanks which traps the oil and sludge in them. The water enters in the Tank 1, overflows to Tank 2, leaving the heavy dirt in Tank 1 itself. The Tank 2 and Tank 3 are connecetd from the bottom. The Oil being lighter, remains at the top of tank 2 and cannot enter Tank 3. This system removes heavy dirt and oil in Tank 1 and Tank 2 respectively.


  • High cost of civil construction
  • Large Civil tanks required
  • Tank 1 ,2 and 3 have to be cleaned manually periodically
  • Oil needs to be removed using an Oil skimmer or manually from Tank 1 and 2 


Skid 1 : Oil and Sludge Remover

Oil Sludge Separator - Wash Water Recycling System

KKE Skid 1 of Water Reclamation system is an above ground system which uses efficient Oil removal process to separate Oil and Sludge from water. Only a small water collection pit needs to be made from where the submersible pump pumps out the water to Skid 1.  The sludge gets collected in the hopper, while Oil gets collected in the Oil Chamber. The water flows out by gravity from the outlet port. This system is known to have removed all non - emulsified Oil content from the water at a much faster rate.

Skid 1 brings in a lot of advantages as against the 3 Tank process

  • Low Civil Construction Cost
  • Cleaning is easy as sludge and oil can be removed just by opening valves.
  • Only 1 Underground collection Tank is required
  • Low overall cost
  • Higher life of further filtration system


The further stages of Car Wash Water Recycling System are :

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