KKE 504 : Truck Wash Equipment

Key Features

  • 3 Brush Friction Truck / Bus Wash  System
  • Comes with inbuilt Extended Mirror Program
  • Onboard Control Panel
  • Inbuilt 2 Step Presoak System
  • Extendable Height and Washing Length
  • Hot dip Galvanised Structure
  • Virgin PE Bristles with X Profile for better cleaning


The Three Brush Truck Wash Equipment KKE 504 is fully automatic and operated by one operator. KKE 504 moves on ground mounted rails. The vehicle is driven in position and remains stationary and gantry moves over the vehicle and executes all operations.
The equipment uses proven 3 Brush, soft touch brush technology which gently glide over the vehicle surface while cleaning the vehicle. The equipment is capable of washing trucks, buses of sizes less than the washable dimensions of the equipment.
The basic cycle contains three step washing sequence. The first pass is Pre-wash pass which has wets the dirt adhering to the vehicle surface. In the second pass, the vehicle is washed with the soap and water. The soap is applied specially developed nozzles by KKE. In the third pass, the brush remove the dirt while being washed by water. The complete equipment is built as modular structure and transported in partly - assembled form. The steel structure is galvanized / painted, to avoid corrosion in the harsh bay conditions.

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Standard Features

  • Floor Mounted Trolley
  • Energy Chain System
  • Structure Body painted with High Gloss Automotive Paint
  • Anti Tilt and Anti Derailing Mechanism
  • Space Saving Trolley Design
  • Semi-Assembled System for quick installation
  • Trolley Speed of 10 - 15 m/min
  • PLC Controlled Automatic System
  • Very sensitive Control system for safety of the vehicle
  • VFD Controlled Drive, Horizontal Brush
  • High Penetration IP67 Sensors
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Onboard Control Panel
  • Automatic / Manual Model

  • Contour Following Top and Vertical Brushes
  • High Quality PE bristle Brushes
  • Stainless Steel / PPE Nozzles
  • Stainless Steel Piping
  • Soap System
  • Chemical Dosing Pumps (Supports most chemicals)
  • Easy to Operate
  •  Easy to Understand and Maintain
  • Standard parts and components used (available anywhere in the world)

Optional Addons

  • Entry Point Under Chassis Wash Equipment
  • KKE 504 Washable Height Extension ( 4.1m, 4.6m, 5.1m)
  • Exit Side Blowers 30 hp
  • Truck Wash Side Blasters
  • Backlit Wash Cycle Display
  • 3 years Spares kit
  • LED Bay Lights

Equipment Photos

Technical Data

Washable Dimensions  
Length 12500 - 28000 mm
Width 2700 mm
Height 3700, 4300, 4600, 5100 mm
Bay Dimensions  
Length 16500 mm
Width 6000 mm
Height ~ 6000 mm
Voltage 415 V AC
Phase 3 Phase
Frequency 50 Hz
Generator Can also run on Backup Generator System
Connected Load Can vary from 7.5 hp / 5.7 kW - 60 hp / 44.76 kW depending upon the equipment configuration
Water Supply  
Flow rate 200 lpm max
Air Supply  
Pressure 7 bar
Connection 12 mm NB


Target Groups

  • Fleet Owners
  • Airports
  • Authorised Commercial Vehicle Dealerships
  • Ore processing Centers
  • Individuals
  • Places which require Disinfection before Truck enters premises


Middle East - Gulf
Truck Wash
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