Key Features

  • Hot Dip Galavanised Conveyor
  • Roller on Demand Conveyor
  • Maintenance Free Correlator, UHMWPE Rollers
  • Exit Side Collision prevention system



12m Conveyor to wash approximately 20 - 30 cars per hour. This is a suggestive configuration. You can configure KKE Gamma Conveyor Car Wash Equipment as per your specific requirements. You can add or remove systems to cater to your local requirements.

Any requirement of approximately 10 cars per hour or more during the peak hours should consider a conveyorised car wash option. The KKE Gamma series has a robust conveyor and is hot dip galvanised for long life.

A typical 12 m configuration consists of the following :

Gamma Conveyor 20 – 35 cars per hour ( 12 + 1 m )

  • KKE101788 : Correlator
  • KKE101783 : Gamma Driving Unit 12m Conveyor
  • KKE101784 : Gamma Intermediate Units x 2
  • KKE101785 : Gamma Driven Unit
  • KKE101782 : Gamma Exit Side Collision Protection System
  • KKE102572 : Under Chassis Wash 7.5 hp
  • KKE101809 : Gamma Dual (Water + Foam) Spray Arch
  • KKE101769 : Gamma Skirt Brushes PE Bristles
  • KKE101770 : Gamma Vertical Wrap Around Brushes PE Bristles
  • KKE101779 : Gamma Top Roof Brush PE Bristles
  • KKE101814 : Gamma Rain Water Rinse Arch
  • KKE101775 : Gamma Silicon Wax Spray Arch
  • KKE101774 : Gamma 30 hp Blower Arch
  • KKE101781 : Gamma Control System
  • KKE102571 : Display Panel
  • KKE102380 : Tire Brush

KKE102572 : Under Chassis Wash 7.5 hp Can also be added if required.

The conveyor equipment is easy to operate and easy maintain.



Standard Features

  • High Throughput
  • Roller on Demand Conveyor
  • Modular
  • Maintenance Free Correlator, UHMWPE Rollers
  • Exit Side Collision Prevention System


Technical Data




Frequently Asked Questions

Can this Tunnel Equipment be installed in my existing Car Wash Bay?

KKE Gamma 12 m is a very compact car wash equipment and gives you a quick way to enhance your throughput at your car wash center. The equipment has a conveyor which is 12m that is 39.5 feet long and should be able to fit places which have a little extra room. The system come with Gamma Tunnel Controller and integrates readily with the Auto Cashier Entry Systems.

Send us your Bay Layout and we shall be happy to check if the Gamma Tunnel Car Wash Equipment would fit your car wash bay.

Do we require to have a Control Room?

The Tunnel systems are basically arches with their own controllers. Basically, you can consider a Tunnel System to be a broken down version of a Rollover Car Wash Machine where each arch performs only one function. All these arches are connected to a main Control Panel which controls the entire car wash equipment i.e. which arch should start when. All these control panels along with support equipment like Pumps, Chemical Concentrates, Air Compressor etc need to be placed away from customer view. Hence, the Control Room.

How is Conveyor Tunnel System different from Rollover Car Wash Machines?

The difference between Tunnel Car Wash Equipment and Gantry Car Wash Machines is elaborated in the table below :

  Rollover Car Wash Equipment Tunnel Car Wash Equipment
Throughput 5 - 10 cars per hour 20 - 120 cars per hour depending upon the length of conveyor and conveyor speed
Car Movement In rollover car wash equipment, the car is parked in the car wash bay and the car is stationary when the washing operations are being carried out. The Trolley moves over the car.. In Tunnel Car Wash Equipment, the equipment has various arches and the car is pulled or pushed by the conveyor which below the floor level.
Number of Cars There is only one car in the car wash bay. The other cars have to wait till the first car wash operation get finished. The Conveyor Car Wash process accommodates multiple cars, each at a different stage. in a 12m Gamma Car Wash equipment, there are about 3 cars being washed simultaneously.


How many Cars can I wash in Gamma 12m Car Wash?

The Gamma Car Wash Equipment washes about 20 - 30 cars per hour. The number of cars depends upon the conveyor speed, and the length of the cars.

Can I change the Conveyor Speed during rush hours ?

The Gamma Tunnel Car Wash Systems come with Variable Frequency Drive controlled electric conveyors which enables you as a Car Wash Operator to change the speed of the conveyor when you see a huge line up during the peak hours and weekends.

How much Water is consumed ?

Approximately 200 - 400 liters is consumed per car depending upon the arches selected and the length of the car.

Do you have 100% Touchless Tunnel Car Wash Machine?

Gamma is a 100% modular equipment and you can add the arches as per your choice. To make your Tunnel Car Wash 100% Touchless, select the arches below :

  • Pre Wash
  • Low pH Soap Arch
  • High pH Soap Arch
  • Lava Foam Arch
  • Under Chassis Carriage Wash
  • High Pressure Wheel Blasters
  • High Pressure Rotary Nozzle Arch x 2
  • Triple Foam Arch
  • High Pressure Final Rinse Arch
  • Blowers

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