Water Recycling Equipment

Water is a scarce resource and should be used judiciously. Recycling Water is an intelligent and wise decision. You not only save the environment but also reduce your operational costs.

Moreover, local bodies are becoming more and more stricter about the water usages by the Car Wash Centers, both Manual and Automatic. Other countries are following. So pre-comply with the environment regulations which might put your business in jeopardy later.

KKE W100 Water Recycling System is an Automatic Water recycling system which operates automatically and does not require manual intervention. Most water recycling systems shall require large tanks to Sludge settlement and Oil removal, however, KKE W100 does not require large tanks and can operate with small tanks while most of the processing happening above the ground. 

Benefits of W100 :

  • Minimal Civil Construction
  • Less Cost of setup
  • Quicker Installation
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Automatic Operation
  • Energy Efficient
  • Saves Water

KKE W100 Water Recycling system is very Energy Efficient especially due to the multiple stages of water filtration. The Filtration is broken down into 4 stages. Not all 4 stages are required for all locations.

The above Stages of Water Recycling come in Completely Assembled Skids which only require inlet and outlet plumbing along with electrical connections. The systems are ready to go once you have these connections done.

The W100 Water Reclamation system for wash water is available in the following flow rates :

  • 2000 liters / hour ( 8.8 gpm)
  • 5000 liters / hour (22 gpm)
  • 10000 liters / hour (44 gpm)
  • 20000 liters / hour ( 88 gpm)
  • 30000 liters / hour (132 gpm)
  • 60000 liters / hour (264 gpm)
  • 100000 liters / hour (440 gpm)


Basic Water Recycling System

KKE W100 Skid 1 Oil Sludge Separator

Oil Sludge Separator is the first stage of Water recycling and helps in separating the Oil and Sludge from the water. When the wash water enters the tank, the oil and sludge are mixed with water due to turbulence. The Skid 1 helps in separating the oil and sludge. The sludge settles in an inbuilt hoper while oil rises to the oil chamber.

KKE W100 Skid 2 Multimedia Filter

Multimedia filter is the second stage of filtration which removes suspended solids from the water. The system consists of a Filtration chamber with Sand, Gravel and Anthracite which forms the media for filtration. This skid also has Coagulant Dosing System which doses coagulant which helps in coagulant of suspended dirt particles.

KKE W100 Skid 3 Activated Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon filter is the Third Stage of Filtration. This is generally fitted inline with Skid 2 and does not have a pump of its own. The System has Activated Carbon as the name suggest which helps in further filtration of water using the Adsorption principle. Activated Carbon is also said to reduce the smell from water.

KKE W100 Skid 4 Resin Softener

The final step in the filtration for Vehicle Wash System water reclamation is Resin Softener which is used to remove Salts from the water. These salts which are Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride cause hardness in water. Resin Softener has to be essentially installed after Skid 1,2 and 3.

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