Conveyor Arches

KKE Wash Systems manufactures Tunnel Car Wash Systems and allows you to be flexible with your selection. Here are some arches which you can select for your existing Tunnel Car Wash Equipment or a combination Tunnel Car Wash Machine.

Contact us with your existing Conveyor Car Wash Details and the space available and we would help you find the various possibilities in your exiting car wash setup.

Conveyor - 12m (40 ft)

12m / 40 ft Electric Car Wash Conveyor. This conveyor comes with Roller on Demand system with Automatic Chain Tensioning system. The Conveyor is an Over Under Conveyor. This conveyor works well with KKE Conveyor Controller or any other Conveyor controller. It works on 24 VDC controls and allows change in speed with help of Frequency Controller.

Combi Arch 5 Brush System

5 Brush system to effectively clean the car in a very limited space.

Conveyor - 24m (79ft)

24m / 79 feet Hot Dip Galvanised Car Wash Conveyor with speed Control. Suitable for 70 - 100 cars per hour depending upon the arches selected by you. Integrates with KKE Car Wash Controller or any other Car Wash Controller. The conveyor is built with Hot Dip Galvanised Steel which gives it enough resistance against harsh car wash environment.

Conveyor - Correlator

Quick & Easy Loading of car on the conveyor.

Conveyor 18m (59ft)

This is an 18m / 59 ft conveyor system. It comes with a heavy-duty gearbox with Variable Frequency Controlled electric motor on the driven side and Automatic Pneumatic Chain Tensioner on the entry side. The Structure is made in Segments which are Hot Dip Galvanised for corrosion protection in the harsh Car Wash Environment.

Exit Side Collision Protection System

Exit Collision system is an important safety system in a Conveyor Car Wash Equipment. This system stops the conveyor of the car wash if the car at the exit does not drive away to avoid the collision with the following car.

Did not find the right model?

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