Conveyor Car Wash Equipment

Do you have High Traffic Location?

If yes, KKE Wash Systems Vietnam has the right Tunnel Car Wash Equipment for you. The tunnel systems range from 20 cars to 120 cars per hour. Built on super rugged Hot dip galvanised steel conveyors, KKE Gamma - Tunnel Car Wash provides you the flexibility to design your own car wash machine based on the local requirements in Vietnam.

The equipment can be configured based on :

  1. Number of Cars per hour
  2. Washing Technology - Brush / Friction / Touchless Combination

We are sure you know that success in a Car Wash Business apart from giving excellent customer service is by attracting more and more number of customers. For that reason we have many latest and attractive product offerigns which help you attract customers to your car wash.

  1. Foam Bath
  2. LAVA Foam Applicator
  3. Triple Foam Wax
  4. Touchless Rocker Panel Wash
  5. Under Chassis Wash
  6. Tire Glaze Applicator

These are just to name a few. Please contact us with the number of cars you wish to wash and we would help you with car wash tunnerl equipment and arch selections.

KKE Gamma 12 m

Car Wash Conveyor 12m

12m Conveyor to wash approximately 20 - 30 cars per hour

KKE Gamma 30 m

Conveyor Car Wash Equipment 30m

18m Conveyor to wash approximately 50 - 90 cars per hour

KKE Gamma 18 m

Conveyor Car Wash 18m Brush Type

18 m Conveyor to wash approximately 30 - 60 cars per hour

Did not find the right model?

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