Effluent Treatment Plant for Car Wash Water Vietnam

KKE has expertise in Automatic and Manual Vehicle Wash Systems. Automatic Car Wash , Bus Wash and Mining Truck Wash systems leave a mud , oil  and grease after washing . This is carried by the wash water and pollutes the water.

KKE Effluent Treatment Plant is an effective way of cleaning the water and reusing the same water again making it very economical.

Water being a scarce resource , its use should be made very judiciously , hence a water recycling system for vehicle washing areas should be the operators moral responsibility.

The water from the wash bay is collected in a small pit from where the water is cleaned using KKEs revolutionary 3 skid filtration system.

1. Skid 1 : Oil and Sludge Removal
2. Skid 2 : Multimedia Filtration
3. Skid 3 : Activated Carbon Filtration

Contact us to get more details about the equipment. KKE manufactures ETP from 2000 liters / hour to 100000 liters / hour.


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