Train Wash Equipment

KKE Train Wash system is a Modular Train wash system which is ruggedly built to suit various kinds of Trains and Coaches around the globe. The system is modular and can be customized based on the requirements of the place of installation and the type of train to be washed.

The Train Wash System can be designed Unidirectional or Bi directional, which means that in the unidirectional system, the train can only enter from the one direction. The system shall not get activated if the train enters from the opposite direction.

In Bidirectional Systems, the trains can enter from any side and the system shall get activated. The system has double number of arches to cater to both the directions of train traffic.

The train needs to travel at a Dead Slow speed which is 3 km/hr. The loco pilot is given signal by way of LED lights based on local traffic rules.

The system is only as rugged as its control System. KKE Control System is rugged PLC system which provides all the equipment performance characteristics on the control panel located in the control room of the Train Wash System. The system can be put in Automatic and Manual Modes.

In Automatic Mode, the equipment senses the presence of the Train and starts the equipment sequentially. In Manual mode, which is more of a Maintenance mode, the operator can check the performance of the equipment by switching on each of the arches individually.

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Austin (Texas), Baltimore (Maryland), Boston (Massachusetts), Charlotte (North Carolina), Chicago (Illinois), Columbus (Ohio), Dallas (Texas), Denver (Colorado), Detroit (Michigan), El Paso (Texas), Fort Worth (Texas), Houston (Texas), Indianapolis (Indiana), Jacksonville (Florida), Las Vegas (Nevada), Los Angeles (California), Louisville (Kentucky), Memphis (Tennessee), Nashville (Tennessee), New York (New York), Oklahoma City (Oklahoma), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Phoenix (Arizona), Portland (Oregon), San Antonio (Texas), San Diego (California), San Francisco (California), San Jose (California), Seattle (Washington), Washington (District of Columbia)

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