KKE 501 : Drive Through Truck Wash System


KKE 501 is a drive through truck wash system. KKE 501 offers arches for both Brush and High Pressure Systems.
KKE 501 is a PLC based system and offers easy to Operate and Maintain interface.
Choose the arches which best suit your fleet type and required speed of washing.

Discuss your plans with us !

Equipment Photos

Technical Data

Washable Dimensions 
LengthNo Limitation
Width2700 mm
Height4600 mm
Bay Dimensions 
Length10000 - 30000 mm
Width6000 mm
Height~ 6000 mm
Voltage415 V AC
Phase3 Phase
Frequency50 Hz
GeneratorCan also run on Backup Generator System
Connected LoadCan vary from 7.5 hp / 5.7 kW - 100 hp / 75 kW depending upon the equipment configuration
Water Supply 
Flow rate Varies
Air Supply 
Pressure 7 bar
Connection12 mm NB


Target Groups

  • Fleet Owners
  • School Bus Depots
  • City Bus Depots
  • Ports
  • Mining Companies



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