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KKE specialises in Mining Truck Wash Equipment. Selection of the right Mining Vehicle Wash equipment is very important. KKE has sold several such equipment to  mines in Koniambo, Niger, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Qatar, India etc and we at KKE help you to select the right equipment.
The equipment range is as below :

1. Tire Cleaning System , Light Duty Vehicle Wash: 30 - 60+ trucks per hour
These   systems are primarily designed for road plying vehicles and quick   cleaning of the under chassis and the tires. Mostly these equipment are   drive through systems and work without human interference.
2. Medium Vehicle Wash : 10 - 15 trucks per hour
Medium Vehicle Wash equipment are suited for regular and medium sized mining   vehicles which have to be cleaned thoroughly as a regular maintenance   activity. In this type, the equipment is installed in a bay where the   vehicle is positioned. Such type of equipment are generally manual in   operation, however, if required, the systems can be made automatic for   faster washing of the vehicles. 
3. Heavy Vehicle Wash :  1 - 3 trucks per hour
Heavy Vehicle Wash are designed to wash huge mining trucks. Such systems are primarily for detailed cleaning of such mining   vehicles. The operations are totally manual however, the parts can be   made mechanised to reduce operator efforts. Large nozzles clean the   vehicles with a solid water jet stream removing the big lumps of dirt   stuck are several places on the vehicle.



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