Light Vehicle Wash (Mining) Sri Lanka

Light Vehicle Wash is used for cleaning Smaller vehicles and equipment in Mining Areas. The bigger equipment equipment are washed separately due the size and lesser frequency.

In Light Vehicle Wash Equipment can be manual or automatic or can be limited only to specific area of the vehicle.

Equipment for Light Vehicle Wash in Mines
1. KKE TW133 : A Tire wash equipment washing lesser soiled tires for light vehicles in mining.
2. KKE TW144 : A Tire Wash system with almost 3 -4 tire rotations for smaller vehicles.
3. KKE 200 : A High pressure car wash equipment with solid high pressure jets sized to wash cars , pick ups and vans.

KKE designs custom Light Vehicle Wash Equipment can supply it as a package.

Please feel free to contact us for more details and planning.



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