Portable Wheel Wash Systems

KKE Wash Systems has one of the finest Wheel Wash Systems in the Industry. From single tire rotation systems to multiple tire rotation systems.

The Portable Wheel Wash systems are suitable for places where the equipment have to be shifted in a course of 6 months to 2 years. These include construction areas and mines where as the min advances, new shorter approach roads are built.

Portable Tire Wash Systems or Wheele wash systems require minimum Civil Consutruction and can be shifted to another location in a matter of few hours.

Portable Tire Wash Systems consists of :

  1. Tire Wash Bay
  2. Entry Exit Ramp
  3. Collection Pit (Steel)
  4. Dirt Trap System

In Tyre Wash systems, the reuse of water is very important and KKE Tyre Wash Systems recirculate the same water again saving a lot of water.

Wheel Wash Systems Configuration

Configuration of the systems depends primarily upon the level of dirtiness of the Truck Wheels and somewhat on the number of trucks per hour. Systems can be classified based on :

  • 1 Tire Rotation Systems
  • 2 Tire Rotation Systems
  • 3 Tire Rotation Systems

More the Tyre rotations, better in the cleaning. The above components of Tyre Wash System can be configured in a way to acheive the desired cleaning efficiency.



8m Wheel Wash System with Above Ground Settling Tanks

TW610 40.8 AG Tire Wash System Configuration Consists of 8 m wash Bay with Entry and Exit Ramps. The System has the settling tanks above ground and hence requires minimal civil construction or excavation.

4m Wheel Wash System with Settling Tank

This Portable Wheel Wash System has a wash bay with 4 m ideal for single tyre rotation along with underground settling tank of 8kl. Suitable for a traffic upto 10 trucks per hour.

4 m Wheel Wash System with Dirt Trap System

TW610 20.4 UGC configuration consists of an Entry Exit Ramp, a Wash Bay for 1 tire rotation along with Underground Dirt Trap System. 

4 m Wheel Wash System with Settling Tank (Above Ground)

TW610 20.4 AG Wheel Wash System consists of 4 m wash with entry and exit ramps. The settling tank is above ground. Transfer tank with a submersible is provided to transfer water from the Drain to the Settling Tank.

4m Wheel Wash System with PCET8SC Above Ground

TW610 8.4 AGC configuration is with 4 m wash bay along with Entry and Exit Galvanised Steel Ramps. The system comes with PCET8SC Dirt Trap system which is placed above ground. A transfer tank is supplied to transfer the water from the Wheel Wash System to

4m Wheel Wash System w Settling Tank

TW610 20.4 UG Configuration consists of a Settling tank system which is placed underground. The Wash Bay Length is 4 m which allows one tire rotation of a standard Truck. Ramps help the Trucks to Enter and Exit the Wheel Wash System easily.

4m Wheel Wash System with Above Ground Settling Tank

TW610 8.4 AG wheel wash system has 4 m wash bay with Hot dip galvanised Entry and Exit Ramps. The system has above ground settling tank and one under ground transfer tank. This configuration requires minimal civil construction.

4m Wheel Wash System with PCET20SC Above Ground

TW610 20.4 AGC Wheel Wash Equipment comes with 4 m wash Bay along with PCET20SC for larger throughput of trucks. This configuration requires minimum civil construction.

4m Wheel Wash System with PCET8SC Underground

TW610 8.4 UGC Tyre Wash System Configuration has 4 m wash bay suitable for one tyre rotation within the wheel wash system. Underground PCET8SC Dirt Trap System is provided for water reclamation. Splash Guards are supplied for water conservation.

8m Wheel Wash System with Above Ground PCET20SC

TW610 40.8 AGC Tyre Wash System consists of 8 m wash bay which allows 2.5 tire rotations within the Tyre Wash System. The equipment comes with 2 PCET20SC Dirt Trap Systems which allow the sludge and oil to be removed.

8m Wheel Wash System with Settling Tanks

TW610 40.8 UG configuration consists of 8 m wash bay with Entry and Exit Ramps. The system caters for almost 2.5 tire rotations and is suitable for sticky kind of dirt. The settling Steel water tanks are under ground and the dirt settling is by gravity.

8m Wheel Wash System with Underground PCET20SC

TW610 40.8 UGC Wheel Wash System comes with 2 PCET20SC Dirt Trap systems which are placed underground. The wash bay is 8 m which is suitable for high throughput conditions. The system works automatically with zero manual intervention.

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