X1.1 Automatic Car Wash Equipment

Key Features

  • Extra Wide ↔ Washable Width
  • Attractive Facia with LED Lights
  • Pneumatic Titling Brushes
  • Positive Drive for Vertical Brushes
  • Inline Gearbox Technology for almost No maintenance
  • Precision Brush Control with Power and Current Monitoring


KKE X1.1 Automatic Car Wash Equipment comes with a host of exciting features. The car wash equipment is state of the art equipment with advanced control system which continuously calculating giving it an Artificial Intelligence to exceute various functions and make its own decision based on the car shape and size.

All the three brushes sense the car independently. The machine adjusts the angle of brushes based on the car profile. The brushes do the front and rear overlapping, attarctive LED lights.... So many such important features. 

X1.1 Car Wash Equipment Machine

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Standard Features

  • Structure Made from Corrosion Resistant Hot Dip Galvanised Sheets
  • Heavy Duty Galvanised Rails
  • Anti-Tilt and Anti Derailing System
  • VFD Controlled Trolley Drive System
  • Direct Drive Technology prevents jerky movements and longer life of the Drive System.
  • 2.3m High and 2.1m Wide washable dimensions fit almost every car.
  • Attractive Facia and Optional LED Light facia to attract your car wash customers
  • Onboard Control System
  • Panel Design as per IEC 60446
  • Roof Brush with VFD Control
  • Cross Travelling and Overlapping Vertical Brushes
  • Pressure Sensing Brushes (Roof, Sides) using Power Monitoring
  • MPCB Protection for all motors
  • Trolley movement Precision using Encoder Technology

Equipment Photos

Technical Data

Washable Dimensions 
Length5800 mm
Width2100 mm
Height2300 mm
Bay Dimensions 
Length11000 mm
Width5000 mm
Height4000 mm
Voltage415 V AC
Phase3 Phase
Frequency50/60 Hz
GeneratorCan also run on Backup Generator System
Connected Load3kW 
Water Supply 
Flow rate60 lpm at 2-3 bar

Air      Supply
Pressure6-8 bar
Connection12 mm NB


Target Groups

  • Car Wash Centers
  • Car Factories
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Mall / Shopping Area / Airport Parking Lots
  • Fleeting Management and Services
  • Office Parking Lots
  • Residential Complexes
  • Automobile Stockyards


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, X1.1 has following washable car height options :

  • 2.3 m ( 90 inches )
  • 2.5 m ( 98 inches )
  • 3.0 m ( 118 inches )

These height options are common to the X Series Car Wash Equipment. Select the bets option for your area and handle the maximum of your traffic.

The washable width of X1.1 is 2.1 m (82 inches). 99% of the cars are under this width.

X1.1 Car Wash Equipment Washable Width

Try searching for the widest car you can think of and check against the washable width of X1.1

X1.1 is a part of X Series Car Wash Machines which are much advanced than Speedoclean. Speedoclean is a "Getting Started" kind of machine for the first time starters and for places where you do not anticipate much traffic.

X1.1 Car Wash Equipment has following features :

  • Ready Acceptance to Payment Systems / Auto Cashiers
  • Door Control (Optional)
  • VFD Operated Trolley Drive and Brush
  • Cross Travelling Vertical Brushes

X1.1 is an advanced car wash equipment and you can make your equipment even more attractive by adding the following optional ad dons:

  • Wheel Brushes
  • Lava Foam
  • Sealer Wax
  • Vehicle Positioning System
  • Contour Following Blowers
  • Mirror Spray
  • LED Scrolling Text Display
  • LED Lights (Front Facia )
  • Under Chassis Wash System

Yes, Certainly! The X1.1 can run on Diesel Generator. The size of the Diesel Generator depends upon the Optional Add-ons you select. In the quote you receive, the connected load is provided based on which the size of Diesel Generator is selected.

The blowers are the maximum power consumers in the car wash equipment. The blowers are of 16 hp and 1 hp motor which is used for lifting and lowering of the two floors. So a total of 17 HP is the maximum load which would be running at one point of time. Contact your diesel generator supplier with these details and he would be able to decide the size of diesel generator you might need.

Also consider the other loads like Lighting, compressor, air conditioners etc in your facility.

The width of X1 .1 car wash equipment is around 3.6 m. This is the minimum width which is required for the car wash equipment to be installed.

If you can send us the plan of your area we can check if the car wash machine can be installed at your location. Please feel free to contact us

In X1 .1 car wash equipment we have crossed travelling Vertical brushes. Cross travelling brushes wash the front and the rear of the car. Some people also call them overlapping brushes because they overlap each others cleaning area for better cleaning of the central part of the car where the brushes miss out due to their round shape.


Yes. We also provide 575 V 3 Phase Option for larger loads.

For the installation for Car Wash Machine, we would require the following:

  • Water Supply (100 lpm @ 2 bar)
  • Air Connection (1/2 " @ 8 - 10 bar)

In case of Under Chassis Wash, a water tank is required as it consumes about 100 - 200 lpm depending upon the model selected by you.

KKE X1.1 comes with advanced sensors which monitor the location of the car along with shape and size of the car. It does not matter if the car is a new model, the X1.1 machines senses its profile and Automatically adjusts it movement accordingly.

A combination of following sensors work together for the performance we get with X1.1

  • Infrared / Photo Eye Sensors
  • Proximity Detection Sensors
  • Wheel Movement Sensors
  • Power Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors

All these sensors provide input to the onboard controller which decides various actions of the machine.

4 Wash programs are available and can be directly activated from the Auto Cashier / Payment System / User Panel.

At the moment- No. The program stack needs to be maintained by the Auto Cashier System.

X1.1 provides 24 VDC outputs of :

  • System Ready
  • Fault Status

All KKE equipment are built with High Grade Hot Dip Galvanized Steel. The parts which can not be Galvanized are designed for corrosion, which means that even with maximum rate of corrosion, the part shall outlive its designed life.

The entire equipment is painted with High Gloss Automotive Paint after Zinc Primer.

Al lot of our machines are located in Coastal regions across the globe and are withstanding the elements without any problem

We provide the following documents which give you a complete control over the Operation and Maintenance of X1.1 Car Wash Equipment :

  • Operation Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Snag Diagnosis
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Water Plumbing Drawings
  • Air Plumbing Drawings
  • Manuals from the parts used in the machine

All these documents give you enough technical details to maintain the equipment.

Life of the brushes varies from place to place as the water and temperature play a vital role. Typically brushes last minimum for 30000 - 40000 car washes.

The Vertical and Horizontal Brushes are made of small segments which currently are of 200 mm (8 "). Each of these brush segments can be individually replaced. The pipe diameter is 76 mm and these brushes can be ordered by you from any brush manufacturer as well when they need to be replaced.

The amount of water used depends upon the type of the car and the wash program selected. A Basic wash should consume about 150 liters. Under Chassis Wash uses another 150 - 200 liters.

Yes. You can install a water reclamation system like W100 which removes the Oil, Sludge, Suspended Particles and Salts from the water. You can reuse almost 90% of the water collected. The system is Automatic and does not require any manual intervention.

Water Reclamation / Water recycling is a good way of conserving environment and making your Car Wash Eco Friendly.

In KKE X1.1 Car Wash Equipment, you get Chemical Dosing System which is installed in the right side of the trolley. The Dosing pumps / Metering Pumps pump the concentrates and doses it into the water pipeline. Soaps, Shampoos and Waxes are all mixed this way saving you from the hassle of manually mixing and making measurement and calculations everyday.


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