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Steam Car Wash Machine Price Global is an important topic for discussion as it helps in determining the Return on Investment of your business. The price of the Steam Car Wash Machine depends upon various factors. You need to decide the right kind of steam car wash machine for your business or for your personal use. The main benefit of using a Steam Car Wash machine is that - it consumes very little water. 2-3 litres to be precise.
The Steam Car Wash machine price in Global depends upon the following :
  1. Operating Pressure: Steam is usable after 5 bar pressure. The Pressure of 10 bar can be considered a good pressure as it allows sufficient room for pressure drop while continuous usage.
  2. Boiler Capacity: When you are operating a commercial Steam car Wash setup, you need to have adequate steam when using the steam car washer.
  3. Heater Capacity: Heater Capacity determines the time in which your steam comes to a usable stage from cold. Its also called the startup time. Typically 10 - 15 minutes is normal startup time in case of Electric Steam Car Wash Machine.
  4. Steam Outputs: If you have a bigger setup and want to have multiple people working at the same time, you can select the Steam Car Wash machine with 2 outputs.
  5. Portable /Fixed: Based on the capacities, steam cleaners become bulkier and hence they may not be portable. Portable ones are better as they can be moved around and brought near the car.
  6. Electric /Diesel: Steam Cleaners are of Electric as well as Diesel type. Electric Steam Cleaners are best for close spaces as they do not emit any fumes. Electric Steam Machines also require lesser maintenance.

The above parameters are critical to deciding the right Steam Car Washer for your requirements.

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