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Car Wash Machines have a shifting trend in 2020. Earlier Car Wash machines were just to increase the efficiency of the washing by reducing the amount of time required for car washing. People were not concerned about the type of machine used, in fact, single-piston plunger pump car washers were enough for people to start their business and they used to run the business with it ever after. In 2020, the trend is shifting towards high-end car wash machines in both Manual Car Wash and Automatic Car Wash Segment.

Manual Car Wash Segment

Customers in Global,  planning to start manual car wash station are requesting for High-End Car Washers or the High-pressure pumps and Steam cleaners. The shift might be due to an increase in the premium cars and more awareness in the customers these days than earlier. Also, the entrepreneurs are looking for a reliable one time buy rather than an unreliable low price solution. KKE Power High-Pressure Pumps and KKE DR100  Steam Car Washers are professional series equipment and have established durability and reliability.

Automatic Car Wash Machines Global

Automatic Car Wash Equipment is not new to Global. These days the kind of requests we get are more for higher-end equipment. The car owners are looking not just for less washing time but a better experience aswell. The car wash layouts being planned are much more elaborate and bigger, so much so that we have a created a sample Car Wash Layout for Global collection for our customers. Please contact us if you want it to be shared with you. We also find that the Touchless Fad is slowly reducing unless its a specific requirement.

KKE Automatic Car Wash Machines for Global are built super attractive so that you do not spend much time bringing your customers in.



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