KKE Gamma is conveyorised car wash equipment manufactured to perform efficient at your highly demanding business. The equipment is modular and can be designed to wash cars from 100 cars per hour to 120 cars per hour.

You can configure KKE Gamma Conveyor Car Wash Equipment as per your specific requirements while we have 9m, 12m, 18m and 30m as standards. You can add or remove systems to cater to your local requirements. Also, you can design the equipment to be high pressure or brush type system based on your local market.

Gamma series comes in selectable arches, so it is fully customized. Typical Gamma configuration consists of following:

Correlator – Correlator is galvanized structure which have galvanized rollers with maintenance free bearing.

Gamma Driving Unit 30m Conveyor – driving unit gives space to vehicle to drive from.

Under Chassis Wash – It is used to clean bottom area of vehicle. It is available in 5hp, 7.5 hp and 10 hp.

Gamma water spray Arch – This arch sprays water on the Car which pre-wets the car before soap is           applied.

Gamma Spray Arch – This arch sprays soap on the vehicle for cleaning.

Gamma mitter Curtains Side-Side and Front-Back – Mitter curtains clean the vehicle by smoothly rubbing the vehicle.

Gamma blowers – Gamma blowers dries off the vehicle after wash.

Gamma Control System – Artificial intelligence and microcontroller controlled control unit manages the function of Gamma

Display Panel – Display panel displays the function carried out by the equipment.

Tire Brush- Tire brushes cleans the tire of vehicle

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