Tire Wash System TW133 20.4 UG


A Tire Wash system is a device for cleaning the wheels or tires of vehicle when needed, to control and eliminate the pollution of roads. The installation can be made in or above the ground for either temporary or permanent applications. There are two types of wheel washing systems: trolley based and drive-through systems.

In trolley based vehicle is stationary and equipment moves to and fro from the vehicle. So there is no need of driver. Here tire wash system is mounted on the equipment and moves with equipment   only.  In drive through type equipment is stationary and vehicle is driven by driver from the machine at dead slow speed. KKE also manufactured pressurized systems which use high pressure water with minimum volume of water to remove dirt from tires.

These tire washes are also equipped with sludge and oil skimmer this is used to recycle water so that water usage can be reduced. KKE also used coagulants that settle down the small and tiny particles present in the water.

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Standard Features

  • Hot Dip Galvanized Structure
  • Stainless Steel Nozzles

  • Tire Tread Squeezing structure design

  • Control System - PLC Controlled
  • High Volume Discharge system

Optional Addons





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