Car Wash Equipment Germany

German Technology is one of the trusted names in the Automatic car wash equipment sector and KKE is proud to be a part of it. KKE car wash equipment are rugged and highly reliable equipment. European components like controller, switchgear, power monitor, brushes, and sensors provide a very high reliability factor to all KKE automatic car wash equipment. KKE car wash Equipments provide both High Pressure and Brush Options. Also KKE car wash equipments have rollover and conveyorised options.

As a car wash business investor you are looking for car wash profits and not bogged down by daily maintenance issues. KKE car wash equipment are built with highest precision and are almost maintenance free.

KKE Car Wash Equipment are very suitable for German environment and can be fitted with frost protection and weep systems. The equipment can also be controlled using any payment module using RS232 / RS485 communication protocol.

KKE has its office in Frankfurt am Main.



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