Car Wash Terms And Jargons - S-Z

Pre-lubricated and not requiring additional lubrication.

Self-Service Wash:
A wash where the customer performs all the labor. Generally, the customer drives into a bay and washes the car by means of a high pressure hose and a foaming brush.

Pan-like dryer attachments filled with acoustical foam that cover the dryer producer inlets to reduce noise levels.

Skid mounted equipment:
An equipment which is mounted on a skid (frame). The equipment can be directly kept at the place of operation and used.

Sludge Separator:
An equipment which removes the mud and sludge from the drain water. This equipment reduces the load on the Recycling System requiring less Backwashes. Some sludge separators have Oil separators also. If the oil quantity in the waste water is more, it can damage the filter media of the recycling system.

Carwash industry term synonymous with reverse osmosis.

Letting light pass through while diffusing it.

Triple Foam Wax:
It is special wax which produces dense foam.