Car Wash Terms And Jargons - O-P

Not letting light pass through; not transparent or translucent

Over-and-Under Conveyor:
Type of conveyor that has hidden pushers continuously traveling on a level under the surface. Only when a pusher is needed to push a car is one lifted into the working position.

Process of injecting ozone into water to inhibit bacterial growth.

Self-contained in a single unit, mounted on a skid.

A measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, numerically equal to 7 for neutral solutions, increasing with increasing alkalinity and decreasing with increasing acidity. The pH scale commonly in use ranges from 0 to 14. [p(otential of) H(ydrogen).]

Programmable Logic Controller.

Polish Wax:
Foam applicator which applies a colored chemical to the vehicle as it passes through the wash bay. Provides extra service that generates additional revenue and is eye pleasing to the motorist.

Point of Sale.

Per square inch of air pressure.