Land Selection

Once the locality is selected , look for 2 - 3 lands, where Car Wash may be started.
Evaluate each piece of land according to following ideal criterion

- Shape and space
  • Rectangular
  • Enough space for Customer Car parking and any future
    projects if desired.
- Frontage
  • No physical obstructions like electric or telephone poles, guy wires, etc.
  • Easy turning of car into the land, which out much guiding hassles
- Topography
  • Leveled and even ( if uneven, can be excavated)
  • Connecting street must be flat at least 100 feet in each direction. ( If street in not flat, post big sign boards so your car wash is visible from distance. Motorists can plan well in advance about having a car wash )
- Street Characteristics
  • Busy Street
  • Turning, corner plot
  • No Exit restrictions ( One Way etc.)
  • The site on the side by which the majority of the drivers pass on their way home.
  • Near a traffic signal
  • Near a Shopping Mall, Cinema Theatre, Gas Station, Car
    Service Station, Public Place, etc.