Chemical Safety

  • Caution while handling all chemical compounds. Some car wash chemicals may be somewhat caustic and should not be permitted to come in direct contact with bare skin or eyes.
  • Chemicals must not be taken internally.
  • If chemicals should accidently come in contact with eyes or skin, flush area generously with water immediately. If irritation persists, contact a physician as soon as possible.
  • When handling such chemicals like acid, strong caustics or concentrated solvents or waxes, wear proper protective rubber gloves, boots and a face shield.
  • When diluting an acid, always pour the acid slowly into water so that heat generated cannot cause splattering and never water into acid.
  • Smoking or open flames should be prohibited near any stored flammable products or near any area where explosive vapors might be present.
  • Read caution labels on any chemical product before handling or using.
  • Mix chemicals according to the manufacturer's directions.
  • Never assume that an empty chemical drum is completely free of residue. With clean water, thoroughly rinse the inside of all empty chemical containers. After emptying a drum, close up the top and seal all openings. Keep empty drums out of the sun and heated areas. Dispose of them according to management instructions and environmental regulations.